KhmerInfo ( attaches great importance to the user’s personal information and personal privacy. Before reading or using any of KhmerInfo’s content and services, be sure to read our privacy statement. All users who view KhmerInfo content will automatically be deemed to agree to the terms, and if you do not agree, we recommend that you stop browsing KhmerInfo.


First, the information collection


While KhmerInfo does not need to provide any personal information, we use web tools to record your visits, cities, etc. We will ask for the collection of your personal information when you sign up for KhmerInfo or subscribe to our newsletter or participate in our activities or use the services we provide (including third party services). Please understand that KhmerInfo will not use the information you provide to KhmerInfo for other purposes without your consent, except as required by the government and law.


Second, the use of information


KhmerInfo may work with partners to provide you with content and services of interest to you, and KhmerInfo will share your personal information with you if you participate in its services (such as completing an online form). KhmerInfo will strictly require that you keep the information you provide and prohibit the provision or sharing with third parties.


Third, information security


KhmerInfo will strictly keep the information you provide to prevent your data from being misappropriated or unauthorized access and use. The KhmerInfo website contains links to third-party websites that are not responsible for the security of personal information that you leave on third-party websites. Please understand the content of their websites. While every effort is made to ensure the operation of the website and the security of your personal information, KhmerInfo cannot prevent malicious attacks or data theft by unpredictable hackers.


Fourth, the terms updated


In order to better provide users with information and services, and to ensure the security of personal information, the terms of this statement may be changed regularly. Please pay regular attention to whether there is the latest update.